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I spent this past weekend in NY with my wife and a bunch of international people. I love being in NY. The place has an energy all its own, it is unlike any place I have ever been. On this visit, though, I had an experience unlike any that I’ve had before; I found myself in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street protests. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but it was also quite exhilarating. There were a few minutes when I thought it was about to get violent and I was a little more than scared. My wife was with me, so I mentally started to look for a place to make a stand. That soon passed, however and the message of the protesters began to seep through.

I seriously believe we are in the middle of something big. I hope this does not die anytime soon. We live in a moment of history, where the people ‘in power’ are showing a complete lack of concern or even awareness of  what the people ‘with the power’are going through. This movement, and have no doubt, it is a movement, will force them to sit up and take notice.

It is amazing how clueless official power can make you. So clueless, in fact, that they do not even realize that what started in the Middle East has made it to America. They still believe that they can pay lip service to what people are going through, do nothing and people will just continue to suffer quietly……until the next election.

This protest movement is becoming something the country has not seen in a long time, if ever. Criticisms of lack of a coherent message are just the establishment trying to hold its ground. The message is, “you work for me and you should be working for my best interests. Instead you have taken my vote and you’ve sold yourself to the highest bidder’

I am convinced the next election will bring about a changing of the guard like we’ve never seen. What we are witnessing is the few articulating and giving voice to the dissatisfaction of the many. Rather than attempt to quell the furor, the ones in power need to tune in and start doing what they were put there to do.


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