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Some people

May 27, 2010

It’s hard being ‘some people’. I’m not referring to anyone in particular. Rather I’m referring to the ‘some people’ we all talk about; the some people who  always seem to have stuff going on in their lives; things are always happening to them, or to people they know. They go through a lot. They deal with situations that we say (as we sit around in the comfort of our own uneventful lives) ‘no one should have to deal with’. When we say this, more often than not, we mean, ‘thank God, that’s never happened to me’.  At the backs of our minds, we think, ‘they must have done something wrong to have to deal with this’. Hardly do we ever consider that Providence is no respecter  of persons. If it happened to them, it could easily happen to you. Well, last week , ‘it’ happened to my family.

We found ourselves in a situation, that did not creep up on us, but rather it just jumped out at us  from behind a wall as we strolled along in the comfortableness of being us; same effect, just different method of delivery. One moment we were happily dreaming dreams and planning plans, and the next moment we were in a completely alien situation. By the end of the week, we had become ‘some people’. We were in the ever so popular ‘situation’, one that we never imagined we would ever be in. But here we were; some people.

Being some people gives one a whole new perspective though. You go from being the “called upon” to the ones calling and relying on others. You move from that place where you (sometimes with a ‘can’t you call someone else’ sigh) find yourself lending a helping hand wherever you can, to a place where you are reaching for that helping hand. Being some people is a humbling experience. If you ever start feeling a little bit full of yourself and start thinking that you don’t need anybody else, try being some people for a minute.

I know this all sounds like being some people is the worse thing that can happen to you, but it’s not all bad. I will admit that, oftentimes the thing that catapults you into ‘somepeopleville’, is not exactly the most thrilling experience and certainly not something you would want to repeat, nevertheless, it opens up a whole new world.

In this new world, despite how we got there, we made some very interesting discoveries. Our ‘arrival’ inadvertently allowed us to ‘test’ some of our relationships. Test is probably not the right word, because it suggests some level of uncertainty to begin with, which is definitely not the case.  The reality of relationships though, is that you never really know what kind of relationship you have with someone until something not so good happens; until the rubber hits the road; until walks must be walked instead of talk being talked.

There are lots of stories about the moral erosion of our society. I want to believe though that there are exponentially more examples of people helping people. We are, however so preoccupied with sensationalism today, that we prefer to dwell on the not so nice aspects of human behavior. Being some people though allowed us to experience the much more noble aspects of humanity.

This post, therefore, is a thank you of sorts, to those who have helped when we needed it most. To the much-loved “aunty” who stepped in and took care of the munchkin, so that we could be fully focused on  the situation at hand. To special friends, who just said yes even before questions were asked. People who dropped everything and came running; who just asked, ‘what do you need?’ To those who shifted plans and worked through the night so that they could be there for us. To the co-worker who offered to drive miles if we needed her to. To the friend back home who made international calls just to encourage us and to make sue that we were ok. To the anonymous ones who did not need specifics to petition on our behalf in prayer. Thanks is often difficult to say, moreso because although it is the ‘right thing to do’  often it falls way short of conveying the depth of our gratitude. How does one articulate what it feels like, when you truly do not have to worry because you know someone’s ‘got your back’.

Yeah, it’s hard being some people. You don’t want to be a bother to anyone, or interrupt their lives, but one thing I’ve learnt about some people is that their situations, more often than not, cannot be helped. They don’t choose to have stuff happen to them. I told a friend that we were probably being tested; her response,” just sounds like life to me”. Maybe it IS just life. After all, we are not the first ones this thing has happened to, and I’m sure we won’t be the last. There are many things happening to many people every second of every day. The way these are resolved depends to a great extent on the quality of the network. If it is a network of the proverbial fair weather friends, then things may not turn out so well. If the network is “genuine” then the outcome is likely to be brighter, and even if it isn’t, you at least know that you’re not alone.  Truth is, everybody needs somebody, so in some sense ………we are all some people.


Finding Me

March 2, 2010

Ok so I decided to try my hand at this blogging thing. I’m thinking at the least it is an opportunity for me to see if I possess any writing skills, but if I’m really fortunate, I may find myself at the end of a journey of self-discovery that, if I were to admit it, I have been on for a very long time. Of course, more likely than not, it will be something in between. Oh well, here goes…….
So I figure I’ll go for the jugular and start with the whole self-discovery thing. That seems like a very noble goal doesn’t it? Well I, in fact, do think that to be a very noble goal. Trouble with goals though, noble or otherwise is that they are pretty easy to set; the loftier the easier, world peace and all of that, but when it comes to actually doing the thing……..well, that’s another matter. According to Mr. Shakespeare, “there’s the rub”. Hence, here we are.
To tell the truth, this is kinda scary, because if I am to succeed in “finding me”, I’ll have to probably talk about things that I have absolutely refused to face up to before. Not sure I’m ready to do that as yet though. Its a good thing this blog isn’t only about self discovery, but about pretty much anything that pops into my mind. This could get very interesting because a lot of stuff pops into my mind.

To anyone who actually reads this, I hope you’re patient with me. If you’re not patient that’s fine too, this is after all about me. Talking about myself is not something I do easily. As you’ve probably guessed by now, you’re not about to be privy to any of my deep dark secrets just yet. Yeah, I chickened out…..Oh well, so much for the jugular. This ended up being more like a head fake.

Despite my cowardice ( I had a friend who told really corny jokes and he used to say that “coward ice” was ice that was afraid to melt….really, it wasn’t me who said it)I hope you hang in there with me as, every so often (whatever that means), I get back to the whole search for self deal.

I guess you could look at this whole blog thing as me ……thinking out loud.

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