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Who moved my yogurt?

June 21, 2010

In this time of economic uncertainty, we find that many more people are taking food to work, rather than spend money eating out. The tanked value in the real estate market for residential and commercial properties, has caused a scarcity, and a subsequent rise in value for another category of space….the office refrigerator. For the more economics-minded among us, we say that there is an inverse relationship between prices in the real world real estate market and demand for goods and services that are highly impacted by recessionary events, such as, you guessed it, refrigerator space.

This post all came about because one day I attempted to put my lunch in the company-supplied refrigerator. I usually get in pretty early so the thought that there would be no room for my lunch, did not even flutter through my mind.  Boy was I wrong!!!! When I opened the refrigerator door, I had to shake my head vigorously and look around to make sure I was not in the supermarket. In fact, I knew I was not in the supermarket, because they don’t have that much yogurt there. From the looks of things, people were bringing in yogurt for the month and just stacking them in there. Yogurt must be the ‘on salest’ item on the planet.

Things got so bad that emails started being sent out, asking people to not use the refrigerators  ‘as if yuh in yuh house’ (or something to that effect). A riot almost broke out when someone left a ‘whole heap’ of venison sausage (deer meat for the unitiated) in the fridge.

To make matters worse, people started eating yogurt that they did not ‘deposit’ into the ‘yogurt bank’. Another economic concept soon began to take hold; the concept of the complementary good. This is something that is typically used in conjunction with another product, so if demand for one increases, so does demand for the other. Who knew that permanent markers were a complementary product to yogurt, frozen dinners and Rubbermaid containers. As it turns out though, they are, because when people start eating your food (apparently by mistake), you need to start writing your name on stuff, so the more yogurt you buy, the more permanent markers you wear out. Makes sense huh?

The whole ‘write your name on your food so that no one will eat it’ thing, does have its shortcomings though. One time an email came in entitled “yogurt in fridge”.  Not personally having and “yogurt in fridge’, pure curiosity drove me to open the email. Turns out one of the very people who write their names on their food containers, apparently reached blindly into the refrigerator and pulled out, what she thought was her yogurt. It was only after she was half way through that she realized that her name was not on the container; Oops!!! So, being the kind soul that she is, she graciously offered her own personally autographed yogurt as a replacement…….mmmm I don’t think so. I know the yogurt’s in a sealed container and all, but…well……… well……you touched it. I know I know, that’s a little bit weird, but that’s just the way I am. If I had been the ‘victim’ in this case. I would have just thrown it away. Hey, I’m just sayin….

People even started buying gallon jugs of milk and putting them in the refrigerator because, ‘I bring cereal from home’. Maybe you should also eat your cereal at home, because that’s a pretty big jug and it’s a pretty small fridge. Do you have any idea how much yogurt could fit in the space you’re taking up?

Then you have the whole ‘leftovers’ story; people leaving their half-eaten meals in the refrigerator, because ‘you shouldn’t throw food away’ so instead they leave all sorts of stuff in there, until it becomes completely unidentifiable under all the ‘wildlife’ growing on it.  At this point, you would think that they would have the decency to take their offensive property out. Nope, instead they mount a campaign, complaining about the absolutely disgusting state of the refrigerator and wondering why the cleaning people don’t do a better job.

Last I heard about the whole ‘fridge fiasco’, they instituted the ‘if it’s there. on Friday evening. it won’t be there on Monday morning’ rule, so basically you either stop treating the refrigerator as the overflow for yours at home, or you would find that your food has a diminished shelf life (yeah, use it or lose it, has so many different applications). I’m not sure how that’s working out but I did overhear talk of a brewing confrontation over some missing Rubbermaid containers. As for me, I’ll just bring sandwiches until the economy turns back around.


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